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About AGenco

A.Genco Importing began as a collective vision between two friends Domenico Bruzzese and Marco Mirisklavos in the summer of 1999, while travelling through Italy and Greece. The spectacular array of high quality simple healthy foods and their unique flavours and aromas is what planted the seeds of this vision. A second trip in 2006 reaffirmed their desire to bring people thousands of kilometres away the same amazing food experiences that they were able to have while traveling. They wanted to bring the flavours of Europe to your table.

FatherA.Genco Importing became a reality in October 2010. Introducing great products at affordable prices, starting with what is considered to be primary products that every kitchen needs: olive oil, grape seed oil and sea salt. Each of these products are 100% produced and packaged in Italy.

The A.Genco product line is always growing; as they are continually looking for and creating new products, not only imported but also local. The main goal is to always maintain a high level of quality by sourcing the best possible ingredients.

Domenico Bruzzese literally grew up surrounded by high quality Italian foods in Vancouver Canada. His father, Fortunato Bruzzese, born and raised in Mammola, Reggio Calabria (one of Italy’s most southern provinces), brought with him to Canada a love and respect for the foods that he left behind. He first immigrated to Montreal in 1963 and in 1976 he moved to Vancouver with his young family. In 1977 he opened La Grotta Del Formaggio, a small Italian Deli filled with incredible products that could make anyone feel like they were standing in a store in Italy.  The deli has been situated in the heart of what was once Vancouver’s ‘Little Italy’ and remains there to this day (1791 Commercial Drive) supplying Vancouverites with high quality foods from across the Mediterranean. It is here where Domenico also learned to appreciate food, seeing how the deli turned into a second home for him.

After high school Domenico went one step further and enrolled himself into cooking school, giving him the opportunity to acquire the formal knowledge about food needed to further himself in the industry. This in itself opened new doors and before he knew it he was on his way to continue his culinary studies in Italy.  After culinary school he worked at a few restaurants through out Vancouver but soon returned to work at his family’s store that he grew up in. In 2005 Domenico with the help of his father expanded the small Commercial Drive store into a large specialty distributor, now servicing Metro Vancouver and beyond with high quality products. To think that this all started by concentrating and focusing on high end hotels and restaurants, they now expanded their distribution network and supply large and independent retailers as well.

As you can see food and passion runs thick through Domenico and with the help of his childhood friend Marco they are able to bring that passion to you.